Aggression, Regression and Secession

I had a discussion which I didn’t think I’d ever encounter in real life. During its middle part, it looked a lot like the JP v. Cathy Newman interview, with my interlocutor giving me lots of “so what you’re saying is…” On its last legs, it was about whether or not you could put a verbal aggression on the same level of a physical aggression in terms of both severity of implications and estimated punishment. Somewhere, an argument was made that a judge could and in fact should be encouraged to punish people on the basis of things that haven’t happened. The part which stuck with me the most was how “by the numbers” his view was: Word by word of cultist feminism. Predictable. Recycled. All overheard while on cruise control – years of cruise control.

I need to feed you new stuff, don’t I? You need to hear new things, lest your brain rots and someone ever finds you uninteresting to listen to. You don’t want to be boring, now do you? You don’t want to be left out of the top notch cutting-edge state-of-the-art moralitic dumpsterlectual pseudotrashfire crap we provide you with here, now do ya’? No, you don’t. Then again you might; they say some dreams are forgotten because our brain knows we wouldn’t be able to deal with the information.

And so you’ll tune in more often. And if you don’t already, you will start believing in something. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, then you will start believing in me, who believes in you (disclaimer we don’t actually believe in you).

In all seriousness, defining what to believe in is a tough task. Don’t worry – we’re here to serve.

polaco et al.


3 days later update: Talk about spitting into the air. I had one of those dreams you’d rather forget. One I didn’t need. This is the second time I talk about something right before it happens to me. I’m so glad I’m better than you ♪ ♫…

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